Wilph quest c4

Level Requirement: 5+
Race Requirement: None
Reward: 1500 Adena
1. Go to the warehouse in talking island town and talk to Wilph in the left corner of the warehouse. 
2. Go and kill Giant Toad's until you get 20 Adamantite Ore
3. Go back to Wilph and get your Reward. 
Step 1. 
Warehouse Keeper Wilphrod: 
As you know, there was war between Aden and Gracia. But I tell you, the problem, is, trade with Gracia has been officially banned, and Gracia trade ships no longer come to Talking Island. Tsk, I can't believe they would ban free trade for political reasons... it's a significant loss to businessmen like me. I had good revenues from importing metals like adamantite and selling them... and from a military perspective, why can't they realize that our military power is weakened because we cannot produce good quality adamantite weapons? Such a difficult situation... 
Now this is our little secret, but actually, I am still trading with Gracia through secret routes. We may be political enemies, but that's not always the truth in real life. There is always high demand for goods from gracia. So, what do you think? If you promise that you won't tell others, I can give you some more details... 
Ask for details
After you ask for details - Warehouse Keeper Wilphrod: 
Good, then let me first tell you what adamantite is. 
Adamantite is a very important metal for making weapons. Weapons or armor crafted from refined adamantite ore metal is of high quality. Most other weapons can't even compare. But this adamantite is not found in Aden, and has to be imported from the Kardif regions of Gracia. But after the trade ban was announced, it has been difficult to find adamantite anywhere in the Aden kingdom. But because I have been business partners with a few Gracia traders for a long time, I can bring adamantite ore onto this island while avoiding the eyes of the authorities. Well, strictly speaking, you can call it smuggling. 
Usually the smuggler's ship is docked at a remote location on the southern shores of the island, and I load a small boat with the goods and travel upriver to unload them near the lake next to Einhovant School of Magic. But an unforeseen accident a few days ago has put me in a bit of a dilemma. So I'd like to seek your help with that problem... What about it, will you help? 
Say you will help
After you say you will help - Warehouse Keeper Wilphrod: 
Good, so we see eye to eye. Now listen carefully to what I tell you. Do you remember the day that the recent storms hit? That particular day was the day that my 'business partners' and I were to bring some goods in. Thankfully, the smuggler's ship landed safely on the southern shores of the island. 
Because I had to unload before sunrise, I attempted to move the goods to the unloading place, even if it meant overexerting myself. But while traveling upriver with the adamantine ore in a lifeboat, the boat was smashed into pieces because the river waters had risen in the storm, and the adamantine ore scattered all over the shores of the lake. My business partners and I spent all night walking around the lakeshore and gathering the ore. But after we gathered all the ore that we had collected, we were missing quite a large amount. I found out later, that the large toads that live near the lake had swallowed the ore. 
So what I would like to ask you to do is walk around the shores of the lake adjacent to the Einhovant School of Magic, hunt the toads, and recover the adamantine ore that they have swallowed. I have to send the goods to Giran, but have to send twenty at a time. When you have gathered twenty of them, bring them to me. I will give you a generous reward for them. Now, go if you are ready. 
Step 3. 
Warehouse Keeper Wilphrod: 
Oh, you have recovered them. Good job! I must send them off immediately today on the next trade boat to Giran. This is all thanks to you. Here, the reward that I have promised. I hope you won't talk to anyone else about this. It won't be good if this reaches the ears of the guards. I trust that you will take care of things even if I stop right here. Well, may the blessings of the land be with you! 

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