Path to a BladeDancer (BD) C4

1. speak with Kash, that is in the Warehouse de Dion. 
2. follows for Shirashi's Ancient Scroll, a cave that is in the waterfall of the Dark Elfs, entering for backward of it. The objective is to kill Shirashi, not if it worries in killing guardians, only killing already drop the item. The tip is to take a long-range weapon and to only call it who will come fast, while the others will delay. 
3. When you kill it receive a key and a trunk. It opens the trunk with the key and you it will gain one scroll and a little of adena. 
4. The Kash comes back and it a letter will give you and it will order you to speak with Martien, in Giran, the exit that follows for a bridge. 
5. It follows for Floran and it kills a camado animal Gorr. Gorr is, looking at for the map, in a cave to Esqueda of the triangle formed for the roads, the south of Floran. Co-ordinated: x = 56, 7 and y = 46, 5. Killing it, it will gain the item"Watcher's Eye1", then it comes back toward giran and it speaks with Martien 
6. It comes back the Floran and it kills Braham, that is close to the cave it Gorr, being that it right side it triangle formed for the roads; after 1 or 2 times that killed it, will leave the spirit of Raldo. It speaks with it and it says it who Martien and Kash are lying. 
7. It goes for the city of the dwarves and speaks with Elder Filaur, that is in a house in front of the gatekeeper. Of uses scroll escape when it will be the north of Wasteland, and will go for Gludio, preventing expenses with the gatekeeper. 
8. It goes for the Mithril Mines, it enters and always it goes down until arriving until a great ----. It polishes and it walks for the only opening that has there. It looks for Scrubbus (it uses/target now, will help). When to find the queen and the guardiões, to the night, kills them until Raldo appears again. 
9. It speaks with Raldo and it will give to the"Mark of to it Challenger".
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