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C4 quests for 1-20 levels

Level 1 Quest - World map quest: 
1. Talk to one of those 4 guards in the building at the ---- area 
2. Kill >keltirs< till you aquired 4 fox fangs
3. Return back with the 4 fox fangs and talk back to the same guard
4. You aquire your map and Recommendation, now go talk to Grandmaster Roien. 
Reward = World Map + 50SP
Level 2 Quest - Adena Quest: 
1. Talk with Daring at the town square and receive a letter 
2. Talk with Gatekeeper Rapunzel and receive another quest item 
3. Go back to Daring and get Darings Recipe 
4. Take Darings recipe to Magister Baurol 
5. Receive a potion
6. Go to Daring again and you'll have to give the potion. 
Reward = 450a
Level 5 Quest - Adena Quest: 
1. Talk to the warehouse dwarf in the corner of the warehouse. 
2. Go kill >Giant Frogs< and collect 20 Adamandite Ores. 
3. Return to the dwarf with 20 Adamandite Ores
Reward = 1500a
Level 6 Quest - Adena Quest: 
1. Talk with a guard. 
2. The guard will give you a Seal 
3. Go kill >orcs< to receive Orc Ammys and Orc Necklaces 
4. Kill some >Werewolfs< to get Werewolf fangs 
5. When you enough Orc Ammys + Orc Necklaces + Werewolf Fangs then return back to the guard
Reward = Some adena
Level 9 Quest - Weapon Quest: 
1. Talk with Grandmaster Roian you will receive a letter 
2. Take the letter to Blacksmith Altran
3. After giving the letter, Blacksmith Altran will tell you to bring 2 pieces of a sword back to him. 
4. Go in the Talking Island Dungeon and kill >Utuku Orcs< till you received a Top sword piece and a bottom swordpiece
5. After receiving top and bottom pieces, go back to town and talk to blacksmith Altran, he'll give you a letter 
6. Take the letter to Grandmaster Roian and he'll give you broken sword handle 
7. Go back to the town and talk to blacksmith Altran, he'll give you the weapon
Reward = Sword of Soldarity
Level 10 Quest - Wand of Adept 
1. Talk to Grandmagister Gallint in the mage castle
2. Use the 3 wands he gave you to kill 3 spirit of mirrors. Kill 1 orc, 1 werewolf, and 1 frog. 
3. Once all 3 wands are spiritbounded, return to Grandmagister Gallint for Wand of Adept. 
reward: 450 adena 
Level 2 Quest: 
- talk with Guard Arnold you have four new quest items in you inventory 
- vase; talk with rant (one of the warehouse keepers) 
- clothes; talk with Silvia (one of the magic shop sellers) 
- box; talk with Jackson (one of the weapon/armor sellers) 
- now you have three recipes 
- give the recipes to arnold -> quest completed 
reward: 600 adena
Level 2 Rockswell Quest: 
- talk with Rockswell (matheo if you dun get it from him), hes next to the magespawn in a stone circle(outside the town) 
- you have to kill keltirs near the stone circle (need 10 of the items) 
- go to rapunzel or cristel (try both) -> she makes yarn 
- give the yarn to rollnalf (one of the warehouse keepers) -> receive maiden doll 
- now bring the doll to rockswell the lighthouse keeper-> quest completed 
reward: 1100 xp and 400 adena 
Level 3 Guard Abellos Quest: 
- talk with him to receive offical letter 
- go to sir collin windawood (hes at the tower which is in the middle of four ways) -> quest completed 
reward: 100 adena, healing potion 
Level 10 Magister Harry Quest: 
- go to magister(priest) harry, hes in the church from the town ->receive a recipe 
- go to the blacksmith -> get recipe2 
- collect 5 golem shards, to get them kill golems near or in the dungeon (crasher and stone golem drop them) 
- talk with the blacksmith -> you receive a tool box 
- go back to harry and give him the tool box + recipe2 -> quest completed 
reward: 5000 xp, cotton tunic 
Level 15 quest edmond 
- speak with edmond(you can find him at a house in the north) 
- kill spiders 
- giant spider, poker oder blade 
- bing back to edmond 
reward: 25 adena per giant spider skin
Level 20 Knight Quest
Part 1 (Gludin): 
Speak to Vasper outside the fighter trainers. Vasper gives you the Mark of Esquire, which I assume marks the beginning of your quest. 
Speak to Levion inside the church to attain Einhasad's Church Mark. You may trade the mark along with 20 Lizard Totems for a Coin of Lords. The lizard totems can be attained from Langk Lizards in location A (left-hand side, along southeast path from Gludin) on the map provided. 
Tip: Keep in mind Lizards will work together in close proximity and Brown Bears are aggro. 
Speak to Bezique, a captain at the west gate to receive the Guard's Mark. You may trade the mark along with 20 Spider Legs for a Coin of Lords. The spider legs can be attained from Poison Spiders in location A (left-hand side, along southeast path from Gludin) on the map provided. 
Tip: Poison Spiders are not aggro, however bring antidote if you do not have a healer to cure poison. 
You should now have 2 Coin of Lords along with the Mark of Esquire given to you by Vasper. Travel to Gludio/Kent to begin part 2 of your knight quest. 
Part 2 (Gludio/Kent): 
Speak to Bathia, a captain at the north gate to receive a Guard's Mark. You may trade the mark along with 10 Bugbear Necklaces for a Coin of Lords. The bugbear necklaces can be attained from Bugbear Raiders in location B (right-hand side, along northern path from Gludio/Kent... directly east of Kent castle) on the map provided. 
Tip: We originally encountered great difficulty finding the BB spawn area, because the spawn rate may not be that high. We actually ran right through this area without seeing a single BB and proceeded to trek into oblivion. When you see a set of ruins on your right you've found the spot. Just be careful of the orc parties as orc fighters are aggro and orcs may work together in close proximity. 
Speak to Raimund (sp) inside the church to receive a Church Mark. I assume this is an optional path to obtaining your third Coin of Lords if you do not wish to fight bugbears. However, from a prior user's post, in addition to Playforum's quest guide, I speculate this is more difficult and not recommended. I am going to guess you can trade 12 of a quest item obtained from Undead Priests going off of RedBaron's post, but this is unconfirmed. Unfortunately, I have no location info on this mop. 
Tip: As you do not need to do anything if you are completing Bathia's bugbear task, it may not be necessary to speak to this npc. However, since it will not hurt, go ahead and do it incase it is required. Otherwise, if you're feeling adventurous... test it and let us know. ^__^ 
You should now have your third and final Coin of Lords. The kill tasks required to complete your quest are over! Pat yourself on the back and return to Gludin in order to become a knight! 
Part 3 (Gludin): 
Speak to Vasper again outside the fighter trainers. In exchange for the three Coin of Lords and the Mark of Esquire, you shall receive the Sword of Ritual. 
Speak to Grandmaster Ramos inside with the rest of the fighter trainers to exchange the Sword of Ritual for your uber status. I believe I selected the second option and then the first to finish the class path selection. Just click until you hear the happy music and you've done it! 
Level 20 Warrior Quest
1. Go to Guldin's Fighter Guild and talk to Master Ainus, he will give you the quest to become a Warrior along with a Letter. 
2. Bring the letter Master Ainus gives you to the Weaponshop owner in Gludio, he will tell you to kill Tracker Skeletons (Not leaders/scouts) to collect"Rusted Bronze Sword Blades", this is pretty much the easy part if you know where to kill. 
"Tracker Skeletons"can be found West from Kent (the castle above Gludio), over the mountains, you will end up at a ruined city. Watch out for"Skeleton Scouts", "Raging/Ruin Spartois", avoid them at all costs. And find yourself a lonely Tracker Skeleton spawn to camp, this is the safest way to success. 
3. After collecting 10 Rusted Bronze Blades you will have to go back to the Weaponshop owner in Gludio, he will give you a"Rusted Bronze Sword"and a Letter. 
4. Bring the Letter and the Rusted Bronze Sword to Master Ainus in Guldin. He will ask of you to collect 20 Poison Spider Legs from Poison Spiders with the sword he will give you, The Rusted Bronze Sword (patk 18/fast/SSx2). 
Now, this is the hard part in the quest, before we set sail to poison spiders, let's visit our local magic shop and buy: 
25x Antidote 
25/50x Lesser Healing Potion 
Trust me, you want these items. Why? Poison spiders poison, which hurts, they usually poison twice in a row, so after the 2nd poison casted on you: Use an antidote, and voil?! Poison gone. 
The potions, however, are because Poison Spiders hurt also, they were making an average 23 damage on me with 190 PDEF, and killing them with just the sword only, will be hard. 
Now, South of Gludin we go, follow the road and keep an eye to the west side of the Road, there will be a hill with 3 Poison Spiders. 
Now, Poison Spiders will come together if they are close, and you will die if 2> Poison Spiders gang upon you, so please avoid that at all times. 
Right. After you collect all the Poison Spider Legs go back to Master Ainus, he will tell you to talk to the Grandmaster next to him 
Level 20 Roque Quest
1. Talk to Captain Bezique on the South Gate of Gludio town. He will tell you to go speak with Neti. 
2. Neti is located in a house in the SW end of the town. She will give you Neti's Dagger (20/15) and Neti's Bow (49/15). Those are the only weapons you can use for this quest. 
3. Now you need to go to the Wasteland of Grief, which is west of Gludio Town. 
4. Here, hunt Spartoi until you get 10 Spartoi's Bones. (Beware of the Raging Spartoi, that one is pretty tough.) Take bones back to Neti. 
5. Neti will give you the Horseshoe of Light. You want to take that to Captain Bezique. He wants you to retrieve some stolen items. 
6. You need to recover 4 items from Catseye Bandit. 
These are: Stolen Necklace, Stolen Ring, Stolen Tomes and Stolen Jewelry. 
7. Take the items to Bezique and he will give you Bezique's Recommendation. 
Take this to Grandmaster Ramos and he will teach you Rogue Skills. 
Personal note: From the pictures, it looks like the town is Gludin, not Gludio. If you fail to find the NPCs, try your luck there next. 
Level 2 - Adena Quest (Or 5 Beginner Potions)
1. Talk to Arujien, who is standing on the western side of the Elven Village. He will give you Arujien's Letter. 
2. Talk to Gatekeeper Mintiel on the sotheast edge of town. 
3. Talk to Trader Herbtien, in the magic show on the west side of town. 
4. Talk to Arujoien. If you tell him to forget about her, he will give you 450 adena and the quest ends. If you tell him that Greenis may like him, he will give you a Poetry Book to take to her. 
5. Give the book to Magister Greenis in the main building, she will take it but reject poor Arujien. She gives you Grennis's Letter to return to him. 
6. Return to Arujien with the bad news, and he will give you 5 Beginner's Potions (healing potions). 
Level 2 - Adena & EXP Quest
1. Talk to Abyssal Celebrant Undrias at the western exit of the building you start the game in (DE town). He will give you Undrias's Letter. 
2. Goto the Dark Elven Village to the west. Down the ramp, and in the first building on your left is Waarehouse Keeper Dorankus. Talk to him and he will give you Dreviant Wine. 
3. Talk to Master Trudy who is in the temple north and up the stairs from the giant hand in the center of the village. She will give you Garmiel's Scripture. 
4. Talk to Trader Iria in the weapon shop, just southwest of the hand. She will give you a Ceremonial Dagger. 
5. Take all the items to Abyssal Celebrant Undrias, out the east exit of the village to the starting building. 
Level 11 - Item Quest
1. Talk to Sentinal Stardyen at the southwest exit of the Elven Village. 
2. Hunt Baraq Orc Fighters (lvl 10 aggressive) and Baraq Orc Fighter Sub Leaders (lvl 11 passive) in the first room of the Elven Dungeon southwest of the village until you collect 4 missing Rumiel's Poems. 
3. Return the 4 lost poems to Sentinal Stardyen. 
Level 12 - Item Quest
1. Talk to Trader Unoren in the Elven Village weapon shop. 
2. Goto the Elven Fortress (the elven dungeon). Bring 2-3 friends if you are doing this quest at level 12, as all monsters attack you in groups. 
3. Hunt Skeletons (any type) until you have 10 Bone Fragments. 
4. Hunt Mist Terrors (lvl 15 aggressive) until you have 3 Elf Skulls. They are further into the dungeon. 
5. Give the fragments and skulls to Trader Unoren. 
Level 21 - EXP & Adena Quest
1. Talk to Trader Creamees in the magic shop in the southwest of the Elven Village. 
2. Fight your way to the final room of the Elven Fortress (the elf starter dungeon) and kill Kirunak (lvl 22 passive) to get the Kirunak Skull. Bring a friend or three or four to help you get there, and to keep his guards away while you kill him. 
3. Return the skull to Trader Creamees
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