Trader Salient C4

I know it is hard to believe, but a long time ago southern Gludio also used to be fertile farmland. However, as you can see now, it is nothing more than a barren wasteland. Although this is nothing but barren land for others, true merchants like myself always look for opportunities in places like this. I'm sure that there are valuable things to be found in these wastelands that cannot be found elsewhere. If I am able to find them, I may begin a new business here.. When that time comes, I may need your help. 
(Level 21 or above characters can manage this quest.)
Trader Salient: 
Good. Spit on the ground and shake on it. Now we have formed a contract with the god of the earth looking on. Now listen to what I have to say. Do you remember the eight basic ingredients used for magic research I told you about earlier? We can find some of them in this area. If you hunt monster eyes, you can get their carcasses, from which you can get floating eye meat. And once in a while, you can obtain monster eye lens, and this is a very valuable item. They say dwarves make something called 'eyeglasses' with these. 
Also, if you hunt the basilisk, you can get its gizzard. The basilisk swallows pebbles from the wastelands to aid digestion and there are small fragments of broken jade inside. So we can obtain jade from the basilisk gizzard. 
You can find monster eyes on the coast near here. The basilisk is in the wastelands. There are also monster eyes in the wasteland, but they are much more dangerous than those on the coast, so you must be careful. However, you can get much more precious products, so it is worth taking the risk and the challenge. 
From now on, the items you bring to me I will sell to the Ivory Tower. I have already signed a contract with the magicians of the Ivory Tower and fixed the price as well. I will give you 30 percent of the item price. So please bring back as much as possible. Well then, may the blessing of the earth be with you, partner. 
Merchant Silent wants various exotic ingredients to craft some nice items. He asks that you find and return Monster Eye's Carcass and Monster Eye lens. These can be obtained from Beamers, Seers, Viewers, etc. 
He also asks for Basilisk's Gizzards, which can be obtained from lesser Basilisks and lesser Poison Basilisks in the wasteland. 
1)Find the NPC Merchant. He is located south of the wastelands near the brown part that looks like a finger. ---- southeast from Gludin towards that area and you should see a big arch. 
2)Activate the quest and go hunt Monster Eyes/Viewers/Beamers/Seers/Basilisks found in the wasteland. The drop rate on the items is very high, maybe 90-95%. 
3)Return to him to collect the money. You'll get money for each one you bring. Monster Eye's Carcass (30), Monster Eye's Lens (2000), and Basilisk Gizzard (75). 
4)This quest is repeatable. 
P. S This is a great money-making quest since it has a nice drop rate, you can collect an infinite amount of the quest items without having to return to the npc, and it's in a very good exp area. 
I did the skeleton/zombie quest in low 20's, Mahum quest in mid 20's, and this one in late 20's. Turek orc quest would probably be the next progression for level 30's, but there's some better exp area's to go to. The level 33 golem quest is made for mages, and the level 32 giran quest might be decent (haven't tried it out yet) 

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Path to a BladeDancer (BD) C4

1. speak with Kash, that is in the Warehouse de Dion. 
2. follows for Shirashi's Ancient Scroll, a cave that is in the waterfall of the Dark Elfs, entering for backward of it. The objective is to kill Shirashi, not if it worries in killing guardians, only killing already drop the item. The tip is to take a long-range weapon and to only call it who will come fast, while the others will delay. 
3. When you kill it receive a key and a trunk. It opens the trunk with the key and you it will gain one scroll and a little of adena. 
4. The Kash comes back and it a letter will give you and it will order you to speak with Martien, in Giran, the exit that follows for a bridge. 
5. It follows for Floran and it kills a camado animal Gorr. Gorr is, looking at for the map, in a cave to Esqueda of the triangle formed for the roads, the south of Floran. Co-ordinated: x = 56, 7 and y = 46, 5. Killing it, it will gain the item"Watcher's Eye1", then it comes back toward giran and it speaks with Martien 
6. It comes back the Floran and it kills Braham, that is close to the cave it Gorr, being that it right side it triangle formed for the roads; after 1 or 2 times that killed it, will leave the spirit of Raldo. It speaks with it and it says it who Martien and Kash are lying. 
7. It goes for the city of the dwarves and speaks with Elder Filaur, that is in a house in front of the gatekeeper. Of uses scroll escape when it will be the north of Wasteland, and will go for Gludio, preventing expenses with the gatekeeper. 
8. It goes for the Mithril Mines, it enters and always it goes down until arriving until a great ----. It polishes and it walks for the only opening that has there. It looks for Scrubbus (it uses/target now, will help). When to find the queen and the guardiões, to the night, kills them until Raldo appears again. 
9. It speaks with Raldo and it will give to the"Mark of to it Challenger".
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Lineage 2 Horyu Quests

In this quest is recommended that it uses a scroll of escape always that to feel the necessity and that also buys walked connecting rod potion for the long ones. 
1. In Giran, in guild of human beings warlike, that it is in the exit that gives for a bridge, speaks with Master Dufner. 
2. It follows for Dion and it finds Master Terry, in guild of the human beings. 
3. It goes until Execution Ground (it uses a connecting rod potion and it goes walking) to kill Neer Crawler Berserker until it gives "Mysterious to it Magic Crystal". 
4. Later that to obtain the item, returns for Dion and speaks with the Master Terry. 
5. It kills the following animals: 
Turek General Orc - They are in the Orc Barraks
Ant Capitain - Easily found in Wasteland
Ol Mahum Capitain - In Partisan Hideaway or the south of Wasteland
Turek Bugbear Warrior - the north of Giran
Of each one of them you must collect a Magic Crystal. 
6. After collecting four itens, he comes back to the Master Terry in Dion. 
7. He follows then for Hunters Village and he says with the Trader Victor. If Victor to ask the true name of Terry, does not say, lies, senão will have that to come back the Dion. 
8. Victor will ask for that you vest 10 Medusa's Scale. The Jellyfish is close to Giran Castle, in return it lake close to the castle. 
9. When to finish To collect the 10 Scale, comes back the Hunters and delivers Victor. 
10. It follows for Ivory Tower and in as walking, in guilda of the magos human beings, it says with Magister Marina. 
11. It goes for the city of the dwarves and speaks with the Blacksmith Bronf. 
12. Marina in Ivory Tower comes back toward the Magister. 
13. Again, it speaks with Magister Terry in Dion, it will give a list to it. 
14. It kills the following animals, and it obtains 4 Abyss's Magic Crystal: 
Marsh Stakato Drone - Close to the tower of Cruma
Ant Warrior Capitain - In Wasteland
Breka Orc Overlord - Exit of Giran that follows for Dragon Valley (is not the one that goes for Death Pass)
Leto Lizardman Warrior - Close to the Lake Iris or They pray
When to collect all the four crystals, comes back toward Dion and delivers them the Master to it Terry. 
15. In Giran Town, in guilda of the warlike human beings, it speaks with Master Dufner and it will give the final item to it.
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C4 quests for 1-20 levels

Level 1 Quest - World map quest: 
1. Talk to one of those 4 guards in the building at the ---- area 
2. Kill >keltirs< till you acquired 4 fox fangs
3. Return back with the 4 fox fangs and talk back to the same guard
4. You acquire your map and Recommendation, now go talk to Grandmaster Roien. 
Reward = World Map + 50SP
Level 2 Quest - Adena Quest: ...

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